The Generosity Gospel

We affirm that supporting one another is a privilege.

We Provide Relief to Communities Through:



Pastoral and Church Planter training as
well as primary education for children.

Food and Water

Most of the communities we serve lack access to clean water and face food shortages.


Clothing for adults and especially
for children are in great need.

Education Centers

Dar es Salaam and Nyarugusu

We are building two education centers as a flagship program. These two centers will be used for children’s primary education during the day and for pastoral training on the evenings and weekends. These locations will also be used to hold live teaching conferences. We have the first phase of the center in Dar es Salaam completed. This project in Dar es Salaam will also help to support our communications and reach into 5 other countries under development in the region. We will build a similar center in the Nyarugusu Camp once the first project is completed in Dar es Salaam.

Nyarugusu Refugee Camp


There are many needs in the camp, but one of the most pressing needs is clothing for children. We have the availability to ship clothing of all kinds directly to our office in Nyarugusu. We send relief funds for feeding projects, Bible distributions, and clothing needs.

Various Hospital Projects


Many of the families who’s children are hospitalized in Malawi travel from very remote areas of the country. While their children have critical conditions, the families in these remote locations are in need of basic human needs. Much of our support to these families is food distributions through our network of local ministers.

International Prisons

Kenya and Uganda

We have almost 2,000 prisoners under our care. We are currently raising capital to continue to support these men, women, and children with basic hygiene needs such as: toilet paper, toothbrushes, toothpaste, underwear, sandals, and soap.

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