The Fellowship of Jesus Christ provides continuing education for international church leadership. We focus on teaching and training at the pastoral level, specifically for emerging leaders and in emerging communities. It is the marginalized people, the isolated areas, the forgotten that are where we have set our eyes. We specialize in gaining access to areas and institutions where there is currently no other international Christian ministry present.

A few years ago, a very close friend to Brent Joseph forwarded him an email. (So technically, Brent’s friend Jeff Gilbert founded this international missions program.) In this message, a man had a simple request to receive help in his church near the border of Uganda. Jeff sent the message to Brent knowing that he had worked in international ministry and was still helping some small churches in Burundi, Rwanda, and the western border of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Brent began to build a relationship and communications with this individual and after three months he decided to visit the area for himself. If you want to be successful in international anything, you have to go there for yourself. In March 2017 Brent and his younger brother Ryan Joseph traveled to Bungoma County, Kenya. There was a small pastors conference held in a small, remote village. Brent and Ryan resided in this area for just under two-weeks. It was at this first live conference that relationships were formed with key individuals who continue to work together in The Fellowship of Jesus Christ to present.

From this original meeting a network was formed and began to grow organically through personal relationships. Less than one year after this original conference in western Kenya we are now very active in seven countries and have established works in refugee camps, international prisons, and rural areas. In the year 2017 much time was spent in forging deeper bonds with the ministers in our network to see how far we could really go. Our operations model was formed from our visit to the Nyarugusu Refugee Camp in November 2017. During this live conference there was an important conversation between Brent and two other leaders where it was decided that we would focus on refugee camps and international prison ministry. This was in addition to the rural, remote areas that have been a focus of ours since the inception of The Fellowship of Jesus Christ.

After returning home from this second conference, while in study, the teaching of Christ in Matthew 25:34-36 took on a new light. During the reading of this passage it became evident that the stranger (refugee), the prisoner, and the sick were mentioned explicitly. We were already engaged in refugee and prison ministry at this time. These verses also mention food, water, and clothing, which has also been a major aspect of our work. The one missing piece was the ministry to the sick, whether in hospitals or in homes. This was the last piece that we had to put together ourselves. All of the aforementioned five elements just kind of happened. This last piece was something we had to intentionally seek out and unearth for ourselves. This is how our hospital and home ministry to the sick emerged.

From the donations that we receive, we have always provided full-transparency to our donors concerning where the money is going, what was accomplished, what we are planning. Most Christians (and even those who regularly attend a single church) have a hard time with financially sowing into the work of a ministry because they either do not know or do not trust how that money is being spent. Some free-thinkers caught the notion that instead of certain costs associated with running a church, they prefer to invest in pastoral training in isolated communities, education for children, food, water, and clothing for orphans and others living in the third-world. There is nothing wrong with buildings and churches, we are not “anti” anything. We simply provide people with an alternative, radical option for their generosity.

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